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VisNetic MailFlow

What is VisNetic MailFlow?

VisNetic MailFlow is powerful, affordable email management and help desk software, that allows you to:

  • Distribute, process, and track messages sent to generic email inboxes such as sales@, support@, and
  • Access the entire email history of any customer - instantly
  • Leverage the power of a standard response library
  • Much more...

Why VisNetic MailFlow?

VisNetic MailFlow makes sure you have all the info you need to please your customers at every turn. Stay organized and prioritized, and never let anyone fall through the cracks. Maintain visibility of all email flowing in and out of your organization. VisNetic MailFlow is the equalizer your organization needs to stay effective and competitive in today's business environment. It quickly pays for itself by helping prevent the loss of a single customer.

Ask yourself these critical questions
  • How much email do you receive each day?
  • What's the current status of those email inquiries (and customers)?
  • What are customers asking of your company?
  • Are customers receiving the right answers?
  • How long do email messages remain unanswered (on average)?
  • Who is answering emails efficiently & effectively?
If the answers to the questions above are unavailable or unclear, then VisNetic MailFlow can help you to get a handle on these (and many other) critical customer relations issues.

The Problem with Client-based Email

Traditional email, though widespread in use, fails to provide a framework for efficient and successful customer interaction. In the traditional model, each company representative runs email client software on their workstation for the purpose of interacting directly with customers. In such an environment, email communications are dispersed and isolated, and opportunities to manage, facilitate, and standardize customer interactions are practically non-existent.

Drawbacks include
  • Very difficult to monitor employee productivity
  • No ability to intelligently or efficiently distribute employee workload
  • No centralized store of communications history with customers
  • Limited system administration potential (backups, archiving, etc.)
  • Limited ability to increase productivity and training potential via collaboration
  • No centralized store of customer contacts
Wow your customers while VisNetic MailFlow does the hard work of keeping everything organized. Learn more: Sign Up for a Guided Tour

More Information:
  • Managing Customer Relationships With Email (PDF)
  • Enabling Super Service with VisNetic MailFlow (Link)
  • Email Management - Opportunities and Challenges (PDF)
  • VisNetic MailFlow Data Sheet (PDF)
  • VisNetic MailFlow Change Log (Link)
  • VisNetic MailFlow Videos (YouTube)
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